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Welcome to Facing Faces Institute!

The Institute is a “Loi 1901 Association”, created in 2009 in Amiens, France, by Doctor Devauchelle and Testelin, authors of the first face transplant in the world in 2005.

The Institute’s mission is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from a head-and-neck condition or injury.
To deliver on that mission, the Institute has set up a holistic platform dedicated to the restorative surgery of the face. This multidisciplinary platform tackles face surgery from multiple angles – surgery techniques, imaging, biotherapy, transplants, psychology, philosophy – and groups them into 3 different areas of focus: Research, Training and Information.


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Une triple vocation


The goal is to bring together talented researchers from around the world in order to invent the restorative and regenerative surgery of the future.

Improve the quality of care given to patients by enabling medical students and surgeons to continuously improve and upgrade their skills thanks to access to the latest surgical techniques and technologies.

Raise awareness about facial disfigurement/deformities in order to stop the stigmatization of patients with a condition.

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mar15sepToute la journéeven1825th Congress of the European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery


ven02octToute la journée5ème Journée nationale de la Filière de Santé Maladies Rares TETECOU

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