Facing something is a culture of thinking, a resilient and rebellious posture in the face of adversity. Facing faces is in the same mind and spirit, an enabler to give back function, shape and dignity to the disfigured faces. The french acronym IFF, which may be pronounced «if», «What if ?», is also this bold statement «Pourquoi pas ?», a research and education centre devoted to disfiguration.

Connecting within an advanced technological platform, welcoming searchers around the world to imagine the future of reconstructive surgery, the regenerative medicine of tomorrow, are our vocation. This is the natural evolution from the first transplanted tissues to the face transplant, summarizing in few words a century of advances in a surgery born during World War I and the famous «Association des Gueules Cassées».

The Facing Faces Institute is a great opportunity to create a new rupture in the story of cranio-facial surgery and, without any renouncement of it’s past, to be aware of all the innovative technologies and explore them in a multidisciplinary network.

Our face is a complex entity, in it’s appearance and in what it want to make visible, through the way we look on it. Even more complex is the visage when, destroyed, you have to rebuild it. The Facing Faces Institute, a unique place in Europe which we invite you to visit and discover.

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mardi18septToute la journéevendredi2124e congrès European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery

jeudi27sept18 h 00 minjeudi19 h 00 min"FAIRE FACE, FAIRE VISAGE" Rencontre avec Bernard Devauchelle

vendredi28septToute la journéesamedi29Colloque SROPIC “Communiquer les émotions”


jeudi04octobreToute la journéevendredi05XXIIèmes Journées Educationnelles SFHI-EFI

jeudi04octobreToute la journéesamedi0654ème Congrès de la SFSCMFCO

vendredi05octobreToute la journéedimanche0729th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Organ Transplant (ISOT)

jeudi11octobre20 h 42 minjeudi20 h 42 min3e Symposium O-Rares sur le thème “Des diagnostics Rares"

vendredi12octobreToute la journéevendredi3e Journée Nationale de la Filière TETECOU

samedi13octobreToute la journéesamedi6ème Journée Scientifique de l’Institut Faire Faces

samedi13octobre19 h 00 minsamedi20 h 30 minJacqueline Auriol ou le ciel interrompu à l'issue de la 6ème journée IFFMaison de la Culture d’Amiens

mardi16octobreToute la journéemardi6ème Edition de THIPS (Trophées des Hauts-de-France pour l'Innovation des Professionnels de Santé)

mercredi17octobreToute la journéevendredi1927th Congress of European Association of Tissue Banks (Lille)


vendredi16novToute la journéesamedi178èmes « Assises du Corps transformé : Le Corps dans l'Art »

vendredi16novToute la journéesamedi1751ème congrès de la Société Française de Carcinologie Cervico-Faciale (Brest)

lundi19nov18 h 30 minlundi20 h 00 min« L’impossible anatomie du visage » par le Pr. Devauchelle